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Tealium is a US American company founded in 2008 in San Diego, California that sells enterprise tag management system and marketing software.

A manager in marketing mentioned, "The platform is a bit clunky to navigate and use. For example, data mapping does not expose the syntax being used, so it will map variables, but you can't see the actual output until you save and test in the platform. Tealium iQ Tag Management is very robust and flexible, however the benefits versus less expensive or free alternatives are unclear in many use cases."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"For those that like this type of company, there really aren't any cons. You will love the experience here at Tealium, and appreciate being vastly underpaid in relation to your peers at other companies."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"• The GREAT EXODUS of 2019 continues in 2020. The amount of people leaving is astonishing. I never seen anything quite like it. The talent pool and knowledge that is leaving Tealium will be extremely hard to replace • Morale is at an all-time low. Lots of employees look miserable. As one new employee described it “I feel like I am working at a mortuary.” The environment is so toxic and demoralizing that it is a miracle that any work is actually being done. • Tealium has outgrown the CEO and founders’ skills. Their vision and leadership have stagnated, and it shows. They're more worried about their image and egos than actually trying to right the ship. The CEO talks a good talk, but there's little action for improvement. While all CTO does is sell hopes and dreams but cannot deliver on them. The CTO “showroom” is always empty because his teams never deliver anything meaningful • HR is utterly useless when it comes to getting help. This has to be the most incompetent HR department I have ever come encounter. HR department is completely unprofessional and with no sense of direction on what they are really doing. Every time you ask for advice or help HR just tells you whatever you want to hear so you can go away. • Positions and titles are inflated at Tealium. Especially among "leadership". There are so many VP's, Directors, Sr Managers, etc. It's ridiculous how these titles are handed out. One example engineer Engineering has 5 VP’s for an org of less than 75 people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company has started to get toxic over time, to a point where a lot of important people have left. People in power have no idea what they're doing, and have been losing ground to competition, creating a revolving door of people leaving because of mismanagement. Upper management plays favorites with people they like, instead of relying on merit of employees. This is detrimental to company morale throughout because the best employees become resentful over time. One particular manager got promoted to his position with no prior experience whatsoever, and managed to lose more than half their team in a year, yet nothing was done to address the issue. Fingers were instead pointed to other people. Standing up to management will lead to being pushed out of the company, being ignored, or just looked over till you leave. Plenty of brilliant people have left the company because of these issues. The promise of going IPO has kept a lot of employees in the company, but after years of false promises, the wall is starting to crack and people are realizing that this company might not IPO anytime soon. The best thing people look forward to are the goodbye lunches when a colleague leaves, and that's when you know there's an issue."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"Slow Product Development, Just Sell, Micro Manage"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Morale. Extreme favoritism. Very masculine environment. Harassment is masked by promoting people to higher roles in different departments. CEO only works for Tealium part time. Founders still play too significant of a part. Perks of the job are slowly disappearing, while upper management brags about flying first class and spending crazy amounts on dinners with clients. Women’s rights movement was a good idea, but has proved to be for social media show, and has not resulted with any true support. Idea to start a men’s group was declined. Crammed work environment. There are desks in the kitchen now."

Current Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"Lack of product management until 2019 means the market fit, product marketing, and value prop is splintered at best. Morale is horrible and the culture is one of CYA and every person for themself. There is no team mentality or help provided. Management (especially middle management) is either 1) a revolving door or 2)inexperienced people with no management training or ability to lead. Sales go-to-market is absent in a meaningful way that resonates with prospects. HR is a joke with abusive behavior, sexism and racism permeating - HR claims are not taken seriously and retaliation is common."

Former Employee - Accounting Specialist says

"Toxic work environment; many in accounting have worked together for years and therefore they think they a are a elite clique. I would not recommend anything in the accounting department until management realizes they need to adjust how treat their team employees. (Lots of gossiping about other employees/friends - inclusive of their own team members when they are not around. )"

Former Employee - Sales says

"if you take your career seriously. this is not a place for you. there is no professional management. just nepotism. these are just a few buddies running a company for themselves. everybody else just churns after a burn out, caused by lack of direction and doing others' work. management/ownership makes it abundantly clear that it does not care about its employees. morale is very low. have a hard time recruiting. few make their number. no growth. pay is not competitive, market position is weak. poor messaging. product not competitive to more nimble players."

Former Employee - Sales says

"For everyone else, I highly suggest you run! Don’t walk. * You’ll be overworked and under appreciated * Nepotism & Favoritism - Upper management is somewhat of a joke….A bunch of friends that “brought the band back together” * High turnover… Especially in sales * Little to no training * Low Morale * Pay is not competitive in certain markets. (Aka everywhere else but HQ) * Marketing message is unclear in a highly competitive space . Direction keeps on changing * No diversity!! * No job growth. No concept of career path!! * No communication: teams don’t talk to each other. No one is on the same page. * Benefits are kind of a joke. For a tech company, it’s seriously below average. If you aren't going to pay well then at least improve the benefits??"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is unprofessional, management is a joke, and HR should be sued. This company is a horrible place to work, and furthermore, moral fiber is consistently shredded for selfish reasons."

staff (Former Employee) says

"Very political office. A lot of infighting among the teams that are supposed to be working together. This creates a very hostel work environment. For politics, it is all about who you are friends with to get support."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"You could do better. Culture is very spotty, tons of nepotism because of family members in high places. The only aspect I enjoyed was the actual product. The company could use some definite work."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"ok place to work. goo dienes, decent culture, product is tough to ell and cycles can be long. mgt is good and not so good so it comes and goes. Good place for some people in their career, will they ever IPO? Will it be too late? what is their short term strategy - these are the ?s to get answers to."